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Implemented on-demand sync

Added column user_info_impl_id for on-demand-sync, cleaned up comments

Configure all parameters for an authority on a single page, to allow sharing of parameter values across implementations (useful if all the drivers talk to the same server, as is normally the case)

Fixed focus, removed old vars

removing keys no longer used

removing obsolete files

auth_password_change proc: stubbing ns_sendmail and checking that email is sent to user on password change.

to_timestamptz didn't work so using to_timestamp instead

making the news Tcl API tests work with the new status plsql function

Get rid of the list of uninstalled, not-enabled packages when there are none

modified for readability; added ns_pam parameters

Added services includelet

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Check for null mime_type.

fixing bug I introduced: making sure ctl_file files are sources last (after datamodel has been created)

Rewrote the code that builds the tree representation of the privileges, since the initial version was based on the false assumption that children could only appear once in the tree. Fixes #887.

typo fix in full install proc - removing .

drop the test table at end

test cases for db_transaction bug #733

fixing typo: folder_key should be folder

fixing problem that I introduced earlier with ctl files not being loaded when package is installed from install.xml file and the the proc apm_packages_full_install. The problem was that no data model files were provided and the proc apm_data_model_scripts_find was used to provide the default. However, that proc would not return ctl files. I therefore changed it to do so and removed the proc apm_ctl_files_find that we no longer need

fixing typo: ad_abort_transaction should be db_abort_transaction

Shuffled around elements on the form a bit, changed Disabled to --Disabled--

Got rid of the width specifiers on the top bar, because it was too likely to cause cells to wrap

changing so that for folder pretty names that are I18N messages containing variables we don't store the message key anymore, but rather the en_US message (should be improved to be the locale of the community). This applies to messages of type "%user_name%'s Public Files" and "%community_names%'s Public Files". The problem with those vars is that file-storage would need to have a way to lookup community_name when displaying a folder name. Allowing folders with messages with no embedded vars to still have their pretty names be message keys in the db. That way we can have Assignments, Exams, Handouts etc. be multilingual.

Configurable account creation

Allow site-wide admin to edit authority, username

Allow auth::update_local_account to update authority_id and username

Took out the code to prevent editing of username for non-local accounts to let site-wide admins do it

Make the input field wider

Add email to register link when using email for login