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Fixed bug #873 for Oracle by also using 'like' search for Oracle. Intermedia doesn't install by default, and I'm not sure how we're going to make it.

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The variable 'text' is now used to contain the context bar, and thus shouldn't be output in the <head><title> tag.

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Fix for bug #876. Non-members now sees a text-only email address, where

the domain has been replaced by the first two letters plus '...'.

adds a multirow pop command Patch 282 Jerry Asher

adds a multirow pop command Patch 282 Jerry Asher

Add a catch fixes bug #379 Exceptions in ProcessReply break reply by email patch 292, Alfred Werner

use site_node api to get children, Steffen Tiedemann Christensen patch 298

ui tweaks from Gabriel Burca patch 301

Installer didn't work on Oracle because it had a PG-specific query in the page. Changed to use API.


Added message for 'manage your notifications' in your workspace

Fixed bug #873: search in forums, for PG

- Cleaned up who's online

- I18n'd a few sentences

- Various UI cleanup

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making the procs ad_acs_version and ad_acs_release_date do something sensible. Adding proc apm_version_get (should go into a namespace and be cached)

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drop workflow_case_assigned_actions view

allow bulk loading with 7.2

deprecating proc ad_ssl_available_p and replacing it with security::https_available_p. Making sure we do not redirect to HTTPS if AOLserver is not configured to support it

Use listbuilder's no_data features

Hiding emails for non-authenticated users

Cleaned up version-i18n pages

changed dir_ views to ommit deleted users (actually to include only registered users)

Typo in if statement

Changed namespace style

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More subsite-creation cleanup

Applications list on index page -- ignore services

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granting commit to Lee Denison

Show # members of subsite

Removed www/subsites pages, they're now under /lib and on index page

Set master template

Don't display package type in list