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Implemented password management

updating spell checker test to reflect that text input fields are spellcheck disabled by default

Making ad_generate_random_string public

focus for recover password page

removing the upper-casing of the portal titles. It breaks translator mode, titles are already upper case, plus it can be done with CSS instead

Fixed 'group' -> 'community' labeling

Fixed focus

Fixed problem with usernames being not really case-sensitive, nor case-insensitive

Tweaking test cases

- Ignore case in usernames

- Fixing missing flush cache statements

fixing trivial mistakes in the new cached acs_user::get proc

Added some debugging and logging statements

No caching of the progress bar -- otherwise it doesn't work.

adding the trackback package as a module

Added FAQ style

Used dl dt dd for faq

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Added catch around util_httpget so we don't blow up on a http timeout.

Added name column to trackback_pings table to store the name of the pinging web site.

Completed trackback support. Added trackback parameters and explanation of what trackback is. It's turned on by default.

Finished trackback support. Added support for templated comments to include notice of which comments are trackback.

Paramters.tcl accepts optional section paramtere to limit the list to just one


added a new features enumeration for 5.0 release

removing obsolete file

updating the who's online page to use the new cached API. Adding a link to it on the /pvt/home page

caching the acs_user::get proc

adding the whos_online::interval proc

Checking for delete priv instead of write

Fixed bug #482: URLs for gifs wrong

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Changed message key encoding to not confuse eval or subst

- Removed comments from themes, as they contain message keys

- Properly indented sloan-theme

- Changed gif references to /resources/acs-subsite/

Changed the default for param SpellcheckFormWidgets to "textarea 0 richtext 0", like Peter M and Tils (and I) suggested.

Added LDAP authentication drivers package

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