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New try (don't have dotlrn-homework installed on test server)

Better text

Fixed problem with toggle state: unclear if you're currently receiving alerts or not

- Improved needs approval messages

- Adding screen_name to auth::create_account in user-new

- Improved closed account messages

- Fixed permissions issue on user/basic-info-update

- Changed calls to ad_secure_conn_p to security::secure_conn_p

- Changed logic for ad_get_login_url, so it's more intelligent about the return_url

Changed message for needs approval

Allow return inside test case without causing error message

Added acs-core-docs to developer's admin page

Added documentation for form get_values and set_values

Make use of untrusted_user_id

Fixed bug #825: bootstrap and package installer shut server down with [exit] instead of [ns_shutdown]

Allowing Mohan full commit rights for now...

Fixed bug #402: Request error after entering URL

Upgrading kernel to 5.0d9. Fixing bug 555 - Removing apm_packages.enabled_p column and taking the opportunity to remove obsolete file related datamodel

fix ad_form setting for no_time_p

Bug 664. Sourcing sql files before the package is marked as installed/upgraded in the db.

put back day_of_theweek. no idea why that was removed (lars?), anyway it is needed by the calendar-portlet

Only offer invoke for callbacks that don't take any arguments

Added define_function_args: bug #55

Fixed bug #562: news admin page broken on Oracle

Don't put HTML in the security error message. There's no need.

Fixed bug #614: Perhaps we should ship with a default robots.txt?

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Fixed bug #418: Batched notifications don't work on some mail browsers

Fixed bug #615: extra unnecessary upgrade script

Fixed bug #421: Added -- in front of arg in call to util_text_to_url

Fixed context bar

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Fixed bug #629: wrong xql query name

Fixed bug #426: ad_page_contract date filter had a bug

removing debugging printout

new-portal needs to be mounted, so auto-mounting