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Initial Import

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changed = to like

changed it again

renamed for stupid APM name req

Updated dependencies

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Updated info file

Initial import

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Initial import

Don't use db_dml when calling stored procs. Use db_exec_plsql instead.

fixed path to common data

Initial import

Updated README

Added ns_xmlrpc-utils.tcl which checks for the existence of OpenACS utility procs that ns_xmlrpc depends on. If they aren't there it creates them. Now ns_xmlrpc should run on any AOLServer with nsxml using nsd8x

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Updated requirements to ns_xml 1.4

Fixed typo in 1st line identifier

fixed the where sql to be upper case

fixed the @ import syntax

Changed connect by so that anscestors, not children, are calculated

fixed typo in drop script

Renamed - forgot to name it -create.sql

Renamed to ref-language.sql

Initial revision

Renamed from language.sql

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Renamed from language-data.sql


Initial version

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more cleanup of oracle cursors and cms porting work

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Deleted obsolete call to included file. All reference data is in seperate packages now.

Deleted this obsolete included file