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added lots of pictures to the admin guide; rearranged production and maintenance chapters and files

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Added package awareness to the mass subscribe.

Fix for bug where tree_sortkey would start from zero for each parent that wasn't a cr_item (since parent_id's foreign key constraint is on acs_objects, not cr_items). Now all non-cr_item-parent-ids are treated as one big pool of 'null' parent_id's, allowing you to create as many logical roots as you darn well please. I would appreciate review from the OCT on this patch (and am going to solicit one by email).

Wrapping if's in curly braces

checking for validity of term dates

Fix for bug introduced by Don's 1.45 on_validation_error patch: Now we would enter the on/after_submit-new/edit_data blocks, even if the form was refreshing.

PG 7.3 doesn't support 'current_timestamp' as a literal any more (it still

is defined as a variable, of course). Also define_function_args assumes

NULL as the default value if none is specified, 'null' <> NULL ...

Should've been more thorough. Turns out every single test case was registered with backslash-space on the first line, causing an error

Fixed bug with default values for creating folders; default values in define_function_args are literal strings, not expressions, so security_inherit_p;null is treated as the literal string 'null', and so is creation_date;current_timestamp treated as the literal string 'current_timestamp', which is not a valid timestamp format. There are probably other similar bugs introduced, we just fixed the ones that were blocking us. Emailing OCT about this.

Fixed broken case: space after backslash

Fixed @returns -> @return

- Required 'create' priv to set create_p

- Check create_p before showing '+' sign link to post new

updated aolserver4 to use version-specific path; some other notes on

compiling modules

breaking generation of xml test report out into a proc. Generating xml report after each run of a series of tests (proc aa_runseries)

DS toolbar using id atttribute instead of class

Worked on config page, making it (hopefully) somewhat more useful, as well

as simplifying the code somewhat. Soon it can become a template rather

than HTML-from-Tcl.

Named the tag incorrectly, fixed now.

Added oacs-dav to modules

Add message that displays WebDAV accessible URL to folder view.

Automount oacs-dav at webdav-support so we can administer the webdav

availability of folders.

Add requires oacs-dav package. Add call to dav-enable root folders when

they are created.

Add tDAV tcl library to oacs-dav package. Add tDAV configuration to sample

config file.

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Initial import of oacs-dav package to the correct location

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Initial revision

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adding xml report from test results and saving the file in the file system. Using the xml file on the install pages

added help text; exclusion categories

Added documentation for acs-mail-lite.

Clean identation in new()

The case seems to be wrong. Changed. Hopefully it will not break things somewhere else.

Added the possibility to view deleted messages as well. No way to undelete them though (at the moment). Use psql ...