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fixed missing variables

Fixed casting form

Fixed form so dates are retrieved/stored correctly

Clarified that a restart is required when changing LoginTimeout kernel parameter

- Added 'ansi' to date::get_property

- Fixed error in date::set_property ansi, where the error thrown had a reference to the wrong variable

more todos

Hack to make page work by calling auth::create_user instead of ad_user_new - should really use acs-subsite/lib/user-new includelet instead

added mac notes

  1. … 50 more files in changeset.
Joel & Malte's mac work

added TODOs

  1. … 13 more files in changeset.
Don't show categories widget if no categories have been defined

new default TODOs

Making sure only enrolled groups are on the role-group mapping page (simulation-casting-3)

fixing other TYPE conditional expression

fixed TYPE conditional expression

Show description


Remove ad_require_permission and set write_p and album_write_p vars instead.

Fixs bug#1234

Slight hack to make HTMLified text not have whitespace at the end

Link to edit recipient role

Allow no assignee/recipient

Go to #tasks after editing task

Add anchor to roles, tasks

Allow -anchor switch to export_vars

Show recipient in list

String trim all attributes when creating from spec

Default sim_type to dev_template on creation

No spellcheck

valign = top

debugging the simulation-start page and the simulation::template::start and simulation::template::cast procs that it invokes. Adding group_size validation to the simulation-casting-3 page.