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fixed sim_party_sim_map creation

added TODO

bugfix in edit proc. suggested_duration was not set properly

added messages, tasks lists. revised map templating

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file upgrade-openacs-files.html was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

file upgrade-supporting.html was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

file upgrade-overview.html was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

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file upgrade-openacs.html was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

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revised upgrade section

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add some makefile comments, add note on pdf with later versions of docbook-xsl

changing the count for users enrolled for simulations in casting to work with the auto-enroll groups

adding a selection of groups for enrollment and invitation on the simulation-casting-2 page (using proc simulation::groups_eligible_for_casting). Storing enrolled groups as type auto-enroll. Invitations are a no-op for now.

bugfix in template::element::set_values proc. It should set element(values) to the passed in list of values, not a list containing the passed in list.

fix a few validation problems, add cvs ids to a few sections

added TODO

adding the start date column to the simulations in casting html table. Making the start casting link redirect back to index page.

changing the simulation-casting page to redirect back to index page by default

changing permissible values for sim_simulation.enroll_type to open and closed. Addint the type (enrolled, invited, auto-enroll) column to sim_party_sim_map

reverting, comment on bug 1294 implies the upgrade was run more than once which would be exactly this error, see bug 1296 as well.

wp upgrade fails unable to drop wp_presentation__new etc. bug 1296

added pg 7.3 upgrade

Fix i18n message handling.

Ad_form conversion of file-delete

Fix creation of admin role. Patch#395 from Robert Gaszewski

Fix typo $write should have been "write".

Fix call to _ proc in ad_form definition.

More noquote

Added new messages for updated UI.

Noquote fixes.

fix links in some design docs to the api-doc (acs-kernel tcl code was moved to acs-tcl, some time in the last millenium)

drop lang_messages_audit and lang_messages_keys bug 1291