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get rid of the rest of the proc_doc calls

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- fixing string range parameter

- iterate over input and textarea

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change all core proc_doc calls to ad_proc calls

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print a call stack when emitting a deprecated/warn message

use template::multirow foreach rather that the deprecated version; fix template::multirow so it works when adp_level is undefined

remove duplicate procs bounce_prefix and address_domain which live in incoming-mail-procs.tcl and bounce-procs.tcl

- Add two missing indices to improve performance of permission system

and the object context hierarchy significantly (these two indices

improved the performance of e.g. /projects/openacs/download/ and

/projects/openacs/download/one-revision?revision_id=2089636 by more

than a factor of 10; these indices are now among the most used on


- Bump version number

- fix for the exponential time bug that brought down openacs.org on forum queries

Missing XQL files for insert group rels query

remove old debug statement

OCD repair of the hard coded @cvs-id strings

- factor out common code for toc-based navigation structures

- allow values for form fields of type form_page to come from multiple

forms and from multiple instances

- generalize ::xowiki::Package lookup to look as well names in

different packages (syntax //package-path/name

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adding CacheProductAsFile behavior changes

neglected to include these file changes to ecommerce 5.15

update url reference to absolute, minor widget update

working, scalable version of CacheProductAsFile that requires a new table, also some minor other changes

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Fix acs_group__new to create group_rels for all group supertypes

Bad formed message_catalog tag.

specify tclwebtest dependency for tests

- bump version number

- new method get_nls_language_from_lang

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switch foo_id_seq.netval to nextval('t_foo_id_seq') calls to placate postgresql 8.

stub acs_mail_lite::send since ns_sendmail is not always the ultimate transport. (the second one)

stub acs_mail_lite::send since ns_sendmail is not always the ultimate transport.

make test case a bit more informative about failure mode

- extend regression test

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fix typo

1. Made this dependent the current version of acs-subsite on HEAD (app group

tcl API changes which is also tracked in .LRN, though this dependency is

tracked in dotlrn-lorsm, the official way to add SCORM support to a .lrn


2. Use the new API and the fact that .lrn now defines a community as an app

group to remove calls to dotlrn_community::get_community_id.

3. Removed a bunch of commented-out, .lrn-only permissions twiddling, but left

in the toggle inherit call and dotlrn-related parameter/xml extension. This

can exist without dotlrn being installed and since there's really not budget

available to totally clean this stuff up, I left it in even though I suspect

that in practice it's not used.

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provide passing of nls_language for new items

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- pass title and name to pages when created via [[unknown_page_name|Sometitle]]

- set page lang always to the first two characters of nls_language

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Finished removing class_key references. Changed datamodel to work with

any group_id. Tested install and upgrade scripts. Tested that course

upload and play in lorsm works in .LRN.

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