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changed name from rating_img to stars

Added support for non-automatic aggregator generation for registered users (parameterized). Bug # 1827

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add flag to lars_blog_get_as_string to specify a different display template, add lib/titles.adp which is a minimal example of such a template, move generation of permalink_url out of blog.tcl since it should be passed in to the display template, change lars_blogger_get_as_string to take create_p since that is the perm that matters (not admin)

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Fix NULL in expr when trying to divide content size. Coalesce to 0.

Use pretty mime type label on file details page. Show kb if over 1kb on folder listing and file details pages.

Remove misnamed upgrade script.

file upgrade-5.1.0d3-5.1.0d4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

Show title on folder listing. If filename is different than title, show that as well. Show cr_mime_types.label mime type description instead of techincal mime type "code".

Add back comments display and link left out after list-builder redesign.

fixed locale includelet to correctly build return_url

adding dependencies and removing unused parameters

adding notifications to assignment types.

fixing bug when deleting the package (some functions were never deleted

Adding in upgrade script for 1.02 to 1.03

Project manager 1.03: now allows you to edit the project for a task. Lots of

other minor bug-fixes and UI improvements. No major datamodel changes, but

there is an upgrade script run to allow you to change projects for a task.

Changed permissions to delete process tasks. Now required write permissions instead of delete permissions

replaced service0 with bash var

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Adding the role_ids switch to the workflow::case::role::add_assignee_widgets proc. With that switch you can add assignee widgets for a restricted set of roles

Added link to Oracle on Linux FAQ that publically lists certified Linux distros for Oracle.

added Dirk's notes and new links on Oracle perf and certified setup

parameterize the method for bulk actions, default is get since that used to be the hard coded value

Added useful links, statspack and autotrace installation instructions etc. Needs to be worked over, revised and reviewed by Joel.

take most things out of the footer and move to sidebar; make categorization a popup

add a remove link to category::list::get_pretty_list so you can get a remove link per category in the pretty list

adds a categorization popup, category display box, a non-member index page (not hooked up yet), adds urgent questions and key docs to the index page, css tweaks

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font-size 70% is really small, made it 80% for bt_navbar

add the title for sorting to the currently sorted by column, set sort graphic alt to empty (title already on the text link), remove a class list where not needed

add some output to help diagnose error in ad_parse_html_attributes_upvar

if an item exists, unindex it first to avoid duplicate key errors, catch on the index call since if it failed the index context was not destroyed

Put functions into a search:: namespace and make most private.

Add a search::queue and search::dequeue command

define_function_args/package_exec_plsql to avoid db specific xql files.

unset datasource when finished with it.

bump to 5.2.0d2 + postgresql upgrade script.

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Added some comments