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adding -- to all ad_html_to_text calls

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add -- to all string_truncate calls

properly quote forum name for context bar, -- for ad_html_to_text in do_notification

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site node instance names for the context bar should be plain text and so quotehtml

remove MIT specific references on user add page

first draft of code to generate XML document to be used to generate flash map for simulation objects

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bug 515, require dotlrn admin to add a full access user. also cleaned up context bar

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dont ad_quotehtml summary for list bug 1097, unset category array and handle missing name bug 1105

list builder labels couldnt start with a -

use %20 rather than + in patch label (cf bug 1099) fix some quoting problems, order the patch list by summary, add -- where needed

add a -- to ad_html_text_convert, make util_close_html_tags not eat < not part of a tag

Repository now lives on openacs.org

adding edit history page

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Fixed the code to build repository for all relevant versions, include description, summary, etc. in manifest

Added proc to get repository channel from acs-kernel version number

do string map once instead of twice

Remove generic query file. It contained only one db-specific query

Fixed typos.

Added optional name parameter to content_item content_folder content_extlink

content_symlink copy and move pl(pg)sql procedures. Oracle and Postgresql.

use site-nodes cache instead of going to the db

bug 1098 /admin/host-host-map/ didn't display full url (and was not sorted by url either) which made it quite annoying

o notifications fixes have been completed.

o needed fixes in lt_format_time and html-email-procs.

o Oracle bits /should/ work but are untested at this time.

added example install_xml

fix noquote problems, some bad sql (no trunc(current_timestamp)), and a few presentation bugs

o correct in parse_incoming_email

was source (and looking) for wrong filenames. This caused the

procedure to return the entire message.

o updated create/drop scripts

o removed debug statement

o correct param documentation of bounce_mail_message

committing new version 1.2d1 of workflow.info file that should have been committed earlier when description and description_mime_type attributes were added to actions

adding procs workflow::action::fsm::delete and workflow::role::delete. Adding description and description_mime_type attributes to action edit and new procs

Catalog file referred to incorrect variable name. Fixes bug#1087

Fixes misnamed query.