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pass context_bar and title up to master template

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change to pass title and context_bar to sitewide master template

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fix backwards logic on dont_spam_me_p bug 1560/patch 276 Carsten Clasohm

pass title and context_bar to master template

cleaned up master to call default master and

cleaned up index page to actually make sense.

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Don't require return_url for flush-cache

Don't use fixed with for form

Fixed the arguments to lars_blog_get_as_string_mem to be positional again

Removed the 1 in front of ad_libaray that Jeff accidentally added

added a local master.adp to get title and context bar for current default setup

move title and context bar into master.adp for acs-admin/users

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show object creation date rather than user creation date fixes bug 1607

removed <if> to check for number of sites. it doesn't work correctly

with the random selection.

make things mostly xhtml/html compliant

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br singleton

make plsql-subprogram pages use the master template

make valid html/xhtml

fix html so it is valid xhtml 1.0

patch from CROldham fixes bug 1493/patch 258. util_current_location does the wrong thing with IE 6 (and maybe earlier) due to a bug in IE

query was displaying all objects anyone had read permission on.

A few more doc strings... This looks like the last of the existing

docs in all of acs-core

last of the templating docstrings that existed.

About 60 more ad_procs in acs-templating now have doc strings; still more to go

removed dotlrn-research / research-portlet

extending switch stmt to play nice with prof comms

fix get_default_roles_not_cached for comm types

fix typo attachmens -> attachments

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fixups and added approved_p column

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