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file upgrade-1.2d1-1.2d2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

XQL file was broken, was crashing tDOM on Mac OS/X

Recreate new version of refresh_view procedure and recreate all the

views to add package_id to the view from acs_objects.

committing first version

Removed testing code

Fixing an earlier validation patch I made that would not let you enter a "--" to get a task with no hard deadline. My apologies to anyone who were running a cvs copy and got bit by this bug.

file bulk-update.xql was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2005-11-30 15:31:02 +0000

Adding bulk-add.xql file and added sort of attributes with the use of the ams::util::localize_and_sort_list_of_lists proc

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    • +14
Adding ams::util::localize_list_of_lists and ams::util::sort_list_of_list which helps with dealing alphabetizing localization keys

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    • +51
Fixed localization bug - localization takes place in the attribute::new proc and is not needed on this page

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Display Project portlet of CLUB

added category support

fixed base_url problem

Fix for displaying the images even for non english languages, provided by Orzenil

better display of assigned categories with their trees

Fixed issues with database select

Fixed task link issue

the save_add_another form button does not seem to work so I took it out.

Fixed ForceSearchBeforeAdd bug

This page relies on the "title" attribute to be displayed by the master template. Well, guess what, none of our sites have the title included in the master template, so the name never showed up. I took it out :)

using the task_item_id in order to get the live revision and always show the current live information of the task when grading the students (this is done only if task_id is not supplied and instead of task_id there is task_item_id

added check to ams::option::new to return the existing option_id for the supplied option if it exists

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Fixed editing the pretty_plural name - which was mislabeld pretty_name

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made sure you can only send an email if there is at least one valid recipient

Changed to manual queries as relation_add does not work with organizations

Changed the name to "remove from group"

added callback for population of customer attributes

Fixes to the tasks portlet by Bjoern

remove i18N for the new options for this page - the ams::option::new proc takes care of it and this was duplicating the i18N which caused errors

Use nested list for -var_list parameter