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Remove backtick from the list of characters to be replaced by 'ad_sanitize_filename', as 'util::zip' deals with them properly now

util::zip reform.

+ Use '::zipfile::mkzip', introduced in tcllib 1.18, if available.

+ For unix-like systems, with older tcllib versions, bash was used for changing directories. This method was problematic when using certain characters for the filenames, such as backticks, for example. In order to avoid this and properly quote everything, we use tclsh instead, in a convoluted and funny way (thanks to Nathan Coulter for the hack).

+ TODO: test this method also on windows, and unify the legacy implementations if it works.

Remove unwanted change

Reflect changes in util__table_column_exists in tcl api and make xotcl-core dependant on latest acs-kernel

Drop function first, as name of parameters changed

Don't rely on the delete trigger being named consistently on different installations

Add again double quotes in the add constraint as well

Add double quotes in case constraints were defined using e.g. $ in the old days

Use generic acs_object__delete, so also eventual relations are deleted

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Actually delete from the acs_object, or it will stay around

ad_return_url: change default value for default_url to "."

this is not terribly important, but probably a better approximation

fix for issue #3379

switch from security::nonce_token to ::security::csp::nonce and update comments

switch from security::nonce_token to ::security::csp::nonce

The latter one is available since more then two years in OpenACS.

xo::broadcast: allow to send messages to threads seleced via pattern

address global variable __csrf_token directly

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terminate message key properly

Allow ad_return_url to be called also, when connection is closed.

This might be the case e.g. for the search renderer. In this case, a default_url is used

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Streamline faq entry deletion exploiting newly defined on delete cascade

Streamline faq deletion exploiting newly defined on delete cascade

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Put on delete cascade defined in previous upgrades in creation sql as well

Faq vs Search trigger reform: turns out after delete trigger on faq_q_and_as is quite pointless and makes it more complicated for faq package instances to properly uninstantiated. More details in the comments.

check for connection and provide fallback for return_url

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Fix typos

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Whitespace changes + editor hints

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Deprecate broken proc 'search::is_guest_p', and replace its only occurrence in the whole codebase, in the 'intermedia-driver' package, with working code.

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Introduce ON DELETE CASCADE on faq main datamodel tables, so generic acs_object db api can be used to e.g. delete a faq (fixes downstream errors when deleting FAQ package)

Remove extra whitespace

Whitespace changes

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Make xowf tests flexible in case a locale different than en_US is in use