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Trailing whitespace cleanup

add metering for "ns_proxy get" operation

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improve comments

Fix typo in comment

Use finer grained error handling to intercept disconnection from client

fix scope for variable scope

simplfy index expressions, strengthen input value checking

Replace deprecated proc template::util::leadingPad with ad_pad

Treat failure to flush the channel as just a warning, because this usually just means client (e.g. browser in a chat) closed the connection

PostgreSQL compatibility fix: Newer versions of PostgreSQL return default values with

type casts (e.g. 'en_US'::character varying). These have to be removed before

comparing with plain values.

add German translation for location.

Fix test for pseudo-boolean value that stopped to work because of


reduce verbosity

Tolerate wrong locales from browsers by assuming our default one

remove old tlf exercise statistics

remove comma before that

prefer {} as empty sql statement

improve spelling

prefer package_id over package_key for lookup

remove comma before that

prefer US spelling

remove comma before that

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minor refactoring: factor out limit_clause

whitespace cleanup

fix name of tested procs

fix name of tested proc

add secondary series with authenticated users

bump version number to 0.52

add missing proc_doc

improve comment

correct the name of the tested proc