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commit fixes c/o Franz Penz regarding (1) double quotes in the titles and qtips (2) support display of html in the treenode. Modify Tool menu in the toolbar to work with the treepanel folders if there is no selected file on the grid

Removed malte's broken site node caching code. If you want to fix it, the

version before this has the broken code (look at get_from_url).

fix calls for includelet form-usages, where only -form is specified

Reodered the steps to build the message parts first, then add the headers using mime::setheaders (except To, From, CC and BCC). Retrieve the message as a string only if delivery mode is not set to default (smtp). Tested successfully with tcllib 1.8 and 1.10 (unless I missed something)

Got rid of malte's broken site node lazy caching code. Someone should make

lazy caching work someday...

Showing slowest queries first.

Adding utilities to support HTTP authentication. This allows you to

register a filter to any URL to use HTTP authentication. This can be

used in oacs-dav, we also used it to make RSS feeds that needed HTTP authentication.

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    • +118
- normalize string comparisons

- allow for byte compiled expressions

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    • +2
make asHTML more robust

make "asHTML" more robust

- new method for form_page: get_property (to access properties from other pages, which might not be instantiated)

- more flags for form_fields: omit/noomit, disabled/enabled

- renderning disabled richtext as div

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    • +9
- make sure that back-links from images (pages, on which the image is used) are listed only once

- continue to fix collateral damage from yesterday

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Fixed problem on forum-view with messages(new_p) doesn't exist.

fix for error processing in anchors (due to yesterday's change)

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- fix for oracle

- improve (clusterwide) cache management

- fix documentation (api browser)

- fix flushing of name cache

- fix potential problem in upgrade script from 0.70 to 0.77

- make yesterday's change concerning regexp subsitituion better protected against potential conflicts with trn-mode

- bump version number

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perform means for clusterwide, wildcard-based cache flushing

bump version number for applications depending on that feature

fix typos in pseudo-comments for api-doc

After discussion in the OCT, rolled this back. And leave it rolled back.

allow to call admin_portlet even it no $cf is provided. In this case, the package_id must be

provided as call parameter

Fixed lintian errors and warnings

Adapted from dotlrn package to openacs package

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    • +29
fix nasty quiting bug when when links/includelets were precedet by characters

what have to be quoted before subst

    • -46
    • +55
support downgrading from richtext to textarea

Fixed problem with query on oracle. Drop condition and !>>>!notifications.notif_date < sysdate because it doesn't exist on pg query.

Fixed problem with repeat parameter on category_tree.map procedure

fix by christoph haberberger: empty parameters in xml-rpc lead to crash

Don't reload image datamodel.

Remove explicit delete of images row, acs_object.del does that for you.

Removing that change means we don't need to reload the image pl/sql


Fixed problem with complex send not knowing about the new valid_email_p procedure. additionally made sure that no empty header could be passed, as this breaks smtp::sendmail

Fix links to shared course now what shared course pages are moved to lorsm/admin