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add index for bulk mail sweeper. was already #10 on sequential reads on learn

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase and bring portable sql inline

Reuse return url over subsites, remove dummy sql

Use best practice list idiom

Avoid useless check

Proc "util_get_subset_missing": make sure to return the found elements.

Added test case for this proc.

allow passing of pretty_names that contain content including less and greater sign

fix overquoting in notification-widget

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Localize file-size limits in the UI

Introduce a client-side check for the maximum file size, inform user of current limit and improve file-size related localization

Prettify code

Make 'util_user_message' quote the message when the parameter 'html_p' is false, not otherwise, restoring pre-refactoring behavior and making it coherent with the parameter doc

Remove obsolete xql files

improve log messages

Simplify code and exploit parameter contract (we know flags are boolean)

Bugfixes et al:

- don't throw a server error if one clicks submit on the empty form without specifying a file

- allow to upload the same zipfile multiple times without throwing an error

- streamline idioms

Whitespace changes

Add @see and fix typo in proc doc

Fix typo in proc doc

Repeat this block of code here as well, as vars in the checks are not kept in the script body

Fix typos in proc doc

Fix typo in proc doc

Chat Redesign: add float clear after user block in user list (also in 'classic' skin)

Chat Redesign: add float clear after user block in user list

don't load deleted messages into the cache and drop conceptually broken parameter

Put some sanity in ancient proc docs with 'pre' tags that were breaking api-doc

Chat Redesign:

+ Add specific container for the chat includelet (xowiki-chat-includelet).

+ Set a sensible default for the 'xowiki-chat-includelet' size.

+ Move the 'my-user-id' hidden element in the chat adp to the chat procs.

+ Rename 'my-user-id' element to 'xowiki-my-user-id'.

+ Get the ChatSkin parameter inside the login proc.

+ Include the skin parameter in the chat includelet.

Make parameter comment coherent with the real default value

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Chat Redesign: bump version number after parameter cleanup.

Chat Redesign: cleanup of obsolete parameters ('AppletHeight','AppletWidth','DefaultClient','ServerHost','ServerPort').

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