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improve documentation

whitespace changes

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- make clear, that on_submit causes always an "ad_script_abort"

- prefer "export_vars" over manual URL construction

Improve error handling idioms and handle additional error cases where the client has just disconnected

Try to trap additional disconnection-related errors

Put the puts operation in the try catch as well

Remove trailing whitespace

Add missing 'ad_script_abort' after 'ad_returnredirect'

fix the value which is used for the partition_key during flush_cache operation

Increase z-index property for 'Full screen' mode, to avoid issues with the footer of the openacs bootstrap theme

provide a better rejection message, for over-eager users

Introduce additional parameter "do_slowdown_overactive" (default off) for slowing down overactive users.

previously, this was on (when do_throttle was activated) causing sleep operations. However, even these

sleep operations can kill the server since it also blocks connection threads.

Treat all video/* content types as embedded content.

Background: many video player do a series of range requests (which are typically pretty cheap) that we do not want to block.

Provide member_state to page member-state-change, as this parameter is required since http://fisheye.openacs.org/browse/OpenACS/openacs-4/packages/acs-admin/www/users/member-state-change.tcl?r1=

Optimize avatar image size (~30%, using Trimage)

Make the default avatar images look slightly better when rounded

Chat Redesign:

+ Add avatars to chat user list.

+ acs-subsite: new default avatar images (x50 and x100)

+ acs-subsite: provide with a default avatar (x50) on portrait-bits.tcl

+ acs-subsite: restrict portrait-bits.tcl to authenticated users

+ xowiki and chat: add blocks and styles for the user picture

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Chat Redesign: improve screen usage on 'Full screen' mode

Specify the timeout value on the wait command as well and avoid unneeded conversion

Fix typo in z-index property

reduced locking on parititoned chaches: return always the same Tcl_Obj as cache name rather than creating it always new, which prohibit caching in the Tcl_Obj

Chat Redesign: 'Full screen' trigger + icon, making the chat use the whole browser window.

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reduce number of hits in prepared statement nsv cache by using a per-interp cache

Chat Redesign: add LinkRegex global parameter to the chat package, containing the regexp that will look for URLs inside chat messages, so they can be properly formatted as html links.

Chat Redesign:

+ New style classes, opening the door to further graphic redesign.

+ Revamping of the user list.

+ Revamping of the input block.

+ Small changes in the messages block, including floating timestamps to the right.

+ Responsive design: use flexbox for chat layout.

+ Responsive design: make user list horizontally scrollable for 'small' widths.

+ Expose user_id in a hidden div, in the chat adp, so it can be used by the javascript part to check and assign different styles to the chat messages if they belong to the user watching the page.

+ xotcl-core: Pass color and user_id in the message, avoiding the creation of the user link at this level.

+ xotcl-core: Remove user_link proc.

+ xowiki: Avoid autocompletion in input field.

+ xowiki: Adding and relocation of div elements.

+ xowiki: Simple function to transform url-like elements of the messages into links.

+ xowiki: Create user links in chat-common.js.

+ xowiki: Check user_id and assign classes to elements depending on the user watching the page.

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Trailing whitespace cleanup

add metering for "ns_proxy get" operation

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improve comments

Fix typo in comment

Use finer grained error handling to intercept disconnection from client