• last updated 14 hours ago
Constraints: committers
Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
minor refactoring: factor out limit_clause

whitespace cleanup

fix name of tested procs

fix name of tested proc

add secondary series with authenticated users

bump version number to 0.52

add missing proc_doc

improve comment

correct the name of the tested proc

Delete from duplicated notification request entries before trying to add the unique constraint to deal with broken data

fix error message: The variable "result" is not set in error cases

improve comment

improve comments

use NaviServer/AOLserver native mutex and prefer the more secure ad_mutex_eval

remove obsolete comment

improve spelling

improve comments and spelling

improve Oracle compatibility

make handling of session_ids more robust (necessary for user-switching feature)

fix typo

Fix installer by uniforming columns returned by the two query variants

Create a full subsite instead of just a node, or the context bar will ignore it, then consider localization in the test

Consider localization when testing the context bar

Fix list expression

Slightly adjust chat height

Improve screen space usage, instead of manually resize

Chat Redesign:

+ Improve responsiveness placing the user list on top of the chat in smaller screens

+ Use the input placeholder property for the message label

+ Hide the submit button

+ Slightly change the border colors

+ Leave the textbox size for the css

+ Increase the height to a more reasonable value

Rework css overflow again

Remove extra overflows in css

Make chat box resizable

Use the new utility to refresh the chat whenever one lands here from the browser history