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improve spelling

whitespace cleanup

new feature: warn host administrator about expiring certificates

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order by last name rather than first name in members list when sorting by name

capitalize URL, improve wording

don't make it plain user easy to snarf full address list

allow specification of page_size

Deprecate ah::yui::js_sources and ah::js_sources properly

Whitespace changes

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Fix typos

Fix typo in proc doc

Fix variable name preventing validation_errors to be handled in www-save-attributes

Fix typos in proc doc

Converge render method for chat and xotcl-core package

Add ':' to formatting to uniform with the render method

Whitespace changes

Fix abbreviation in proc doc

Preliminary xowiki chat rework

- update javascript to comply with CSP (setInterval...)

- exploit template resource loading machinery to load javascripts

- remove code duplication

- remove inline styling

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Unquote single quote from JSON before appending messages to chat

Fix quoting of single quotes in JSON

Remove leftover alert

Avoid javascript eval idiom as CSP will refuse to execute when unsafe-eval is disabled

This requires moving to a more approprate JSON parser... which is also pickier regarding single quotes, so I had to rework JSON encoding to please it.

Make ad_sanitize_html not hardly dependant on a connection being there (thanks to Markus moser for the report)

Also, update documentation and make idioms less awkward.

(this passes automated tests)

Add editor hints + Whitespace changes

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Make util_current_location robust such it does not raise an exception when not connected. In these cases, the configured ad_url is returned. This is not perfect either, since it would not work with host-node mapped subsites, and maybe, there are cases, where one wants just information based on the actual connection. so, maybe, one should provide either a higher level API and/or parameterize util_current_location in the future.

extend list of embedded content types

improve comments

improve capitalization and wording in comments

Fix typo

Whitespace changes