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white-space cleanup

improve robustness of output, when dot fails to produce output

use util_current_location instead of ad_url in ad_html_qualify_links to provide a proper default also on host-node mapped subsites

provide a "see also" link from ad_conn to util_current_location

improve documentation: mention host-node map behavior

improve documentation

fix typos

use consistently "nocase" in all substitution in ad_html_qualify_links

reduce verbosity

improve source code documentation of ad_html_qualify_links and add test cases

preserve orderby in child-resources (e.g. when clicking on the garbage can)

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- remove call from Role object to unknown method :cache

- remvoe per-request cacheing for dotlrn_community::get_community_id (gain is little, since the function uses already an per-thread cache)

make function usable in situations without an active connection

make function usable in situations, where a location based on ad_url is incorrect (e.g. host-node mapped subsites)

fix indentation and regular expression

add missing .woff2 file

make sure to initialize global nonce value in bgdevlivery thread

fix cache_key name for node_id in flush_cache

- remove default value from CrClass proc lookup to support items of other types as well

- add optional parameter -content_type to CrCache::Class lookup to allow specifying the content type (similar to "proc lookup")

Fix dict expression (many thanks to Markus Moser)

Whitespace cleanup

Fix typo

Whitespace cleanup

Add @see to deprecated proc 'get_server_root' (fixes documentation__check_deprecated_see test case)

Fix typo in doc

Add a callback hook to put logic before calendar item deletion

scalability improvement: don't force a conversion of the string to a list (for sites, having e.g. several 10k sub nodes on a site node)

on one site, this change reduces the overall processing time of a requests from ~16-20ms to ~4ms

set style variable in every case

add update script, that was missed several years ago

Undeprecate and reimplement: require_admin_request, can_admin_request_p, require_notify_object and can_notify_object_p. Fixes in two templates (request-delete, request-change-frequency). (Many thanks to Felix Mödritscher for the patch!)

Let max_depth behave as specified (0 disables redirection). Many thanks to Markus Moser