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increase code sharing: use adp-include check-installed instead of local version

- Add support for dowloading archives

- add reusable adp-includes for handling resource downloads

- bump version number to 5.10.0d18

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introduce a urnMap in resource_info as a generalizable solution

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

base cookie consent on new resource infrastructure and remove local solutions

Fix typo, normalize indentation

make all keys of the resource_info dict camel case

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use public interface instead of private one

provide better defaults for admin pulldown in tabbed modes

improve appearance of default index page: 2-column layout was not clear

adjust protection to reality


- provide a neutral appearance, different from OpenACS.org

(different color, remove OpenACS logo, ....)

- make use uf URNs for bootstrap

(allow sharing of bootstrap definitions, avoid multiple loading)

- upgrade bootstrap from 3.1.1 to 3.3.7

- add support for CDN vs. local installation of bootstrap

- added sitewide-admin procs for managing local installation (via /acs-admin)

- improve passing arguments to <widgets>

- bump version number to 5.10.0d2

make spelling more consitent

improve URN registration: handle cases where the same URN is registered multiple times (prefer local over CDN, provide warnings)

fix typo

improve source code documentation

provide a common API for downloading resources from a CDN instead of maintaining per-packet variants




- bump version number to 5.10.0d16

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improve log message

Introduce elapsed time in http api response

Will use the one coming from ns_http when available, or fallback to a calculated one.

Close tag properly (fixes files__check_info_files)

Update adp boolean expression

make shell window span the full browser width, provide some styling

use aa_section features of automated testing

- add new api function "aa_section" to allow structuring of larger test cases

- generalize login during tests further. When "user_info" is provided

it can be used to either login via login credentials or directly

via user_id (next step: integrate config-option for test users, this

will allow pure web tests to run against a different server)

- extend regression test to cover new features

- bump version numbers to 5.10.0d7

use proper method in xpath query to check attribute value

specify xpath query more

Remove unneded ad_script_abort

Fix files__page_contracts for include, replace ad_decode idioms

Fix files__page_contracts for this page

Check also for empty lines at the end of the file in the 'files__trailing_whitespace' test case

Fix files__page_contracts automated test for the page