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fix site-node test in regression test

don't use per-request caching, since we migh shoot in our own foot

interrupt cache_transaction to achieve desired semantics

allow in a few cases empty node_ids for method "get_url" as it is used by current OpenACS

add debugging aids

Unwrap indentation

fix bug #3352

Avoid missing variable error upon form validation

fix regression test for confusing setup with wildcard IPv4 address and host name "localhost", but localhost is resolved on the host as IPv6 address

Add user_tab_columns.BPCHAR to the list of possible boolean physical datatypes

Fix typo

Make acs_attribute boolean when the table type is boolean

Change declared acs_attribute datatype to boolean for boolean columns

Fix typo

Change database type for boolean from "bool" to "boolean" in acs_datatypes

Retrieve and show portlet info only when enabled and when some content is actually found

Port from downstream cache transaction logics and fix automated test as now db_transaction will return 0 instead of the empty string (and no particular return value should be assumed)

Port of downstream changes: use namespaced variables instead of nsvs

improve spelling

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align copyright statement

change default cache size

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improve spelling

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Fix duplicate 'the'

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reduce hammering on nsv for variables that never change. Use namespaced variables instead.

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reduce verbosity

Get parent only once

Switch from naturalnum to integer validator as there are valid negative group ids, e.g. -2

apm reloading reform (part 2)

adjust version-reload and align version numbers

Improve 'ad_proc' documentation, including positional parameters, '@see' and '@return' doc elements.

Whitespace changes

bump version number to 5.10.0d14

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apm reloading reform (part 1)

Blueprint reloading updates the blueprint of nsd, which has the

consequence the also threads for running scheduled procedures can be updated.

So far blueprint reloading is just tested with NaviServer, but should work with

AOLserver as well (modulo bugs).

To switch between the classic and blueprint reloading, edit acs-tcl/tcl/apm-procs.tcl

and set ::apm::reloading to "classic" or "blueprint".

Some functions were refactored to ease this transition.

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fix broken example in documentation