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allow native spell checker by default in ckeditor4 form fields

provide both, more legacy and more finegrained functionality for cache management

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Improve naming: rename TreePartitionedCahe to KeyPartitionedCache

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bugfix: improve stability when bug_tracker::get_page_variables is called on a non-workflow package (e.g. from the api-doc browser interpreting the page-contract)

Remove unnecessary expr and fix typo

Add missing doc in public api as pointed out by automated test

Don't be so quick on deprecating a common interface

flag created permission cache via namespaced variable

provide better error messages

add fully qualified name for templating cache, add version dependency

bump verison to 1.6d5

Flush templating cache also when approving a message, as this might be a new root message (thread) and therefore thread list should be rebuilt

Draft reform of the caching for party descendant types (persons, users, groups)

- new proc party::get to centralize caching of the various information for a party descendant scattered through tables

- allow to retrieve only a single value from the dict in new and existing api

- rename of user_info_cache with party_info_cache

- replacement into previously existing api

Behavior for the new proc now will be to not fail, just return an empty dict or an empty value when no party is found

TODO: after review of the change, replacement of all now deprecated calls in code around

Improve test so it reflects spellcheck configuration from parameters

Fix incompatible oracle idiom pinted out by automated test

Hotfix which makes vanilla instance install again

Fix parenthesis and simplify idiom

Expect other kinds of tcl booleans in the test

Re-estate query variable, as programs around expect it

Fix after regression by putting subsite url retrieval... ehm... before its usage

base caching infrastructure on acs-tcl

bump version number to 5.10.0d13

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Base caching infrastructure on acs-tcl

Bump version number to 5.10.0d10

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bump version number to 5.10.0d11

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fix spelling in comments

revert to previous version, since "Administration" links were plain wrong (not pointing to SUBSITE/admin but to a constant url)

base xotcl-based site nodes implementation on partitioned caches

reduce dependencies on xotcl-core

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reduce verbosity

Add missing referer var

Fix syntax error

Do not try to flush autonamed cache entries

Added missing call to global ::parameter::get ...