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fix typo in file name

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removed nested expr

prefer expand operator

add editor hiints and cleanup whitespace

moderniize tcl

remove nested expr and improve linebreaks

modernize tcl

improve sanity of expressions

remove unneeded "expr" statement

remove unneeded "expr" statements

remove useless "expr" calls

reduce usage of depreacted procs

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use proper boolean expression in .adp file

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fix typos

reduce usage of deprecated procs

modernize tcl

use proper boolean in .adp files

modernize Tcl

reduce usage of deprecated procs

replace depreacted proc site_nodes_sync

remove traces of deprecated proc

Stop using deprecated proc site_map_unmount_application

stop using deprecated procs site_map_unmount_application and site_node_id

stop using deprecated procs (site_node_delete_package_instance, site_node_id)

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simplify code

whitespace cleanup

replace depreacted proc

Mark procs as deprecated, which were previously just documented as

deprecated and document recommended versions via @see. These procs

should be moved to *deprecated*.tcl after a while to give people

a chance to react (maybe in 5.11 or 5.12).

site_node::conn_url -> ad_conn

site_nodes_sync -> site_node::init_cache

site_node_id -> site_node::get_node_id -url

site_map_unmount_application -> site_node::unmount

site_node_delete_package_instance -> site_node::delete

Fix typo

Prefer lappend over concat for appending lists (lappend modifies the variable 'in place')

Prefer lappend over concat for appending lists (lappend modifies the variable 'in place')

make prepared statement parser more robust against sql casts

moderniize tcl

improve documentation