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make sure to call ad_script_abort after ad_return

User ad_try instead of with_catch

use ad_try instead of with_catch

User ad_try instead of "with*"

fix boolean expression in adp

avoid redirect

Avoid redirect

make sure to call ad_script_abort after ad_returnredirect

make sure to call ad_script_abort after ad_returnredirect

Improve comments and error message

Extend mapping

Initial checking of the boomerang plugin for OpenACS

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Improve spelling

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- Fix regression test case (false positive): test failed, when de_DE was not installed as a local

- formatting and "try" cleanup

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fix recent typo

Add TODO item

Silence pretty_link warnings (no parent_id given)

Fix unquoted string in SQL statement by using bind variable syntax instead

Deactivate local "json" package, since the local modifications are probably not needed anymore, and the package conflicts with tcllib

comment changes

modernize code: reduce number of catch operations

whitespace cleanup

Shorten overlong lines

Use "ad_try" instead of "with_finally"

Use "ad_try" instead of "with_catch"

Use namepace path instead of "global" command

fix typos

Use "ad_try" instead of "with_catch"

whitespace cleanup

Use "ad_try" instead of "with_catch"

Fix typos