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- replace depreacted "ns_mkdir" by "file mkdir"

on pg version 9.0 ( and lower ) the function string_to_array takes only two parameters.

- use ns_eval instead of "ns_ictl save" to update blueprint

- db_flush_cache: do not retrieve all keys from the cache if not necessary. These array operation can cause long mutex lock times.

- fixed bug #3212

apm_include_file_p wont ignore anymore the upgrade directory in case data_model_files flag is set.

When fetching files for a given package we also want to retrieve sql files.

Needed to decode list items html since it is used as a JS array index.

apm_get_package_files has new boolean switch -include_data_model_files in order to allow including/excluding sql files when looking for files within a package.

Creating recursive version of permissions functions iff pg version is >= 8.4.

Taking .sql out of the list of ignored file extensions. Otherwise create/upgrade sql scripts are not loaded while installing/upgrading.

- update the blueprint of the xotcl::THREAD instances as well while keeping the state (do not restart the thread)

- use sysctl instead of uptime where available (the "uptime" command from mac os x spits sometimes errors about /dev/ttys out, when apparently a console was not shut down correctly)

- add "xo::broadcast blueprint /script/":

This command can be used to update the blueprint of all threads (including schedule threads)


::xo::broadcast blueprint { source /tmp/t.tcl }

- make recreate method of THREAD more robust

- added victor's patch to omit deprecated messages of "ns_info tcllib". Background: naviserver supports multiple (virtual) servers, which might have different tcllibs. Therefore, the preferred command to query this was moved to "ns_server ?-server s? tcllib" and "ns_info tcllib" was deprecated. From the OpenACS point of view, one wants to locate the actual library. Since the variable does not change, it is fine to store it in a per-thread variable which can be efficiently accessed.

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- add missing test for non-empty where clause in hstore case

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next_row instead of this_row has to be unset at this point.

- make use of ::xo::db_list* functions

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- add opimized versions of db_list and db_list_of_lists in the xo namespace

- use absolute name to avoid namespace confusions

- fix typo

- bump version number

- update dependency on xotcl-core

- use faster sql interface

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- bump version number to 0.125

- provide optimized database interface for postgres (often, speed improvements of 25-30% for queries already in the code)

- prefer bindar emulation over dollar-substitution

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- use "unset -nocomplain ..." instead of exists test

- get rid of "global" statements

- use naviserver's urldecode when available (for speed and currectness)

Removing unneeded emptiness check against item_id. 'string is integer' w/out the -strict switch returns 1 in case variable is empty.

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