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- support option "keep_cc" for "ConnectionContext require" and "Package initialize" to preserve the original connection context

i- for HTTP-post requests, Make sure, "string range" and "string length" return the right values

add turk translation

file tr.js was added on branch oacs-5-4 on 2008-11-21 23:13:06 +0000

add turk translation

upgrade wymeditor to version 0.5b2

updgrade wymeditor to version 0.5b2

- for HTTP-post requests, Make sure, "string range" and "string length" return the right values

-update to version 0.100, compliant with xowiki 0.105

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- bump version number to 0.106, update dependencies

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- bump version number

- provide warnings for ::xo::Package instances, having no package_key specified (should be enforced in future versions)

Avoid implict binary encoding by setting encoding flag explicitly; see http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=2478560

Merge changes from oacs-5-4

- make sure to add page_order column for upgrade from old versions

- pass default specs (@fields and @cr_fields) to ad_subst

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First step of Lors oracle migration. Indent code.

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- pass language context to resolve_page

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- improve error message

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- list in xotcl/version-numbers libthread as well

fixing redirect for cases where webcrawler redirect should not happen

My rewritten XML install proc didn't work if the XML file explicitly tried

to install a file which was previously installed (due to a requires dependency

in this case). This was due to a slight misunderstanding on my part. Works


Oops included a reference to new code not yet committed to HEAD.

Discovered that the dependency checking implemented by Xarg flat-out does

not work correctly (though the .LRN install.xml file didn't uncover the

bug). Rather than correct this custom dependency checking code, I rewrote

it to use the standard APM install and dependency checking code. This way,

if it's buggy, at least it's buggy in a way consistent with installing from

the APM UI (and actually that code has proven to be extremely reliable).

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adding more upkeep points for auto cache of product files, and more convenient options to bulk update products by vendor

adding option to automatically cache product pages as html pages for webcrawler activity, and some minor fixes in same files

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Added prop arg for integration with imsld

- making export more robust for missing values

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Changing the target of the links in the resource to "_top"

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