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- eliminated dead code

- added subsite::url callback implementation for resolving /o/*

references in categories

- added action for categories (instead of link)

- provide context for permission checking

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- remove useless "required" message for language (is always set)

- slightly extended message catalog

- fixed localization in context bar

- added new context variable ctx_id used for permission checking.

This optional variable allows to specify category clients

to provide am object, on which permissions are checked for

adding categories. This has the advantage that package_admin

could be allowed this way to add categories without needing

explicit rights on the categories package.

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fix 2 bugs

- call to a non-existing acs_object__new with 5 args

- 2 table references were incorrect in category_tree__copy

Fix typo user should be user_id

Fix typos in upgrade script

Add correct upgrade script versions

Remove old wrong upgrade scipts

Fix upgrade version numbers

- fix tag again (used wrong name)

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- fix setting of tag name

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- remove duplicated line

- make comment more general

- remove unneeded quotes

Rewrote the URL to file mapping stuff slightly so that it will work when

searching more than two directories. Bad hardwiring. Hard-to-read code.

New version will work for any number of search directories (as will happen

when package extensiblity is implemented) and IMO is easier to read and

a bit faster, too, when searching for an appropriate .vuh file to serve.

add debug info in case, channel::transfer fails

- change from folder_id to parent_id

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- provide better message for deprecated method

- protect channel transfer by a mutex

- check in bg-delivery whether the driver is "nssock"; otherwise, fall back to classical ns_returnfile

Added some keywords and icons in Environment edit (cockpit)

changing back to ad_..abort, so we don't get error notifications every time a customer registers as a part of a purchase

fixing broken reference

- set thread name for tcl threads

- add on-deletion trace handler to obtain control on object deletion on thread exits

Fix headings level

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- some cleanup

- make form validator more robust

Reloading the activities tree when changing the content of the page.

Allowing to change activity orders within a structure

    • binary
    • binary
Sorting the activities within a structure.

- use html diff when it is available and it works

fixed 3 bugs in util::html_diff:

- able to process HTML with anchor tags

- fixed undefined variable in: 'util::html_diff -old "ppp" -new "ppp xxx"'

- fixed white-space eating behavior leading to wrong diffs spanning new lines