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take back a few changes for cleanup code in aolserver 4.0.10

fixing incorrect paranthesis

change notice to debug. add string_check_urlsafe

first steps in order to zenify the imsld package

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  1. … 22 more files in changeset.
Support for EmailConfirm template

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Portrait bits are included so I deem it a bad idea to raise an ad_return_error, especially if not all users have portraits

Ups. Wrong copy/paste. Now it goes correctly to the userinfotemplate

Handle thumbnail portraits correctly. Especially delete them when the original changes or was deleted. Additional delete the items for good and not let them linger around. We do not have an interface to resurrect old portraits and if a user willingly uploads or deletes a portrait he should not have a photo album of portraits to come back to.

Message key should not start with package_key

Added support for after user state change callback


Fixing some bugs

Added form legend div so the sections can remotely look as before...

enhancement procedures for categories written by Peter Kreuzinger

Support for cookiedomain

Added support for cookie domain

has_children_p might not always exist

Latest version

Fixed the site node lazy caching by applying different methods. Now let's hope that we are not having too many unnecessary trips to the database because of the url's location in /www or in /packages/acs-subsite/www

Get the parameter datatype so we know what type of form widget to use

New messages

Show admins who is subscribed to an object

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fix typo and date comparison

file weblog-mini-calendar.tcl was added on branch oacs-5-3 on 2007-08-01 21:39:26 +0000

fixing potential name clash

improving date comparisons, replacing site_node::get_root_id for older installations

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cleanup continues

cleanup continues

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some more cleanup after restructuring

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changing regexp once more

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