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fixed embedded variable name in message-key

add link to syntax-rules of allowed|extra allowed content in CKEditor

formfiled ckeditor4: allow boolean value in "allowedContent" (e.g. deactivate checks alltogether)

bump version of CKeditor to 4.11.2

Whitespace changes

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    • +171
    • -118
    • +117
Fix typos

Remove trailing whitespace

Better handling of errors during 'exec convert' in portrait-bits.tcl, returning the default avatar when it fails

Use a variable for the default avatar mime type

Return default avatar also when there are internal issues parsing the user provided picture

Whitespace changes

Localize notification subscribers and bump version number

Whitespace changes

Whitespace changes

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    • +16
Localize faq admin labels and bump version number

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    • +3
Localize long URL errors and bump version number

revert prevous change

whitespace changes

Add "FOR UPDATE" to select operation of *_f() function inserting tuples.

the required "content_type__refresh_trigger" calls will follow later.

replace broken redirect with standard redirect function (auth::require_login)

Fix message key

Localize filter clearing

Whitespace changes

fix for bug #3375: set fully qualified url for instance_name

Port from downstream a more failsafe cleanup in the importer

    • -2
    • +2
Remove redundant cleanup which might fail in case object does not exist (we clean up anyway in the finally branch)

Refine approach by which index page is detected in bulk-delete method: previous way would treat all first level children of the root_folder as the index page, preventing bulk deletion focused on them (e.g. folders)

Allow to filter group members by membership state in the API

new includelet unresolved-references

The includelet unresolved-references lists the pages with unresolved references

in the current xowiki/xowf package instance. This includelet is intended for

use by admins.

Greatly reduce complexity of code required to support -export flag for ad_form:

instead of juggle variables around to mimick export_vars, just set -export flag

value as a form property, then use the real export_vars on it later when form

is rendered. This will support all current features (e.g. :multiple, :sign, :array)

more reliably and reduce code duplication.