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Recursively show/hide activities of a activity_structure

Adding valitedate for upload_file on ad_form to prevent error when submit without a

file selected

Show only visible activities

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Retrieve conditions in order set by the author for robustness.

Reduce code duplication

Untabify and indent

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Updated according to recent change on the control panel

- perform more checking on query parameter for rss

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Untabify and indent

Delete dom tree after processing all the depending nodes, otherwise they won't be available anymore (probably a misbehavior of tDom that doesn't keep reference count).

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Remove link to change locale since it's now part of the user basic info form

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Remove unused scripts.

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Remove "edit bio" link since it's now part of the user basic info form

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Make the footer div disappear if it's empty (it was making a box with

nothing in it).

Fun with developer support!

1. Added a button to turn template profiling on/off.

2. Moved templating information to the request information page. It was

confusing having it work differently than db and other information. If,

for instance, you clicked on a request link in the developer support

index page, you'd get the db timing information for that request, but

the profiling stuff would come from the footer - and would be the profile

information for displaying request-info.tcl/adp, not for the template

served for that request. Oops.

3. Simplified the ds_profile proc since in practice it only is used for

profiling templates.

Moved over a fix from the default theme (context wasn't being passed along)

Context wasn't being passed up, argh ...

Makes the page title match the last part of the breadcrumbs

Misspelled message resource key.

Implements TIP#137 Support for 3-chars language codes

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- reduce dependency of XOTcl internals

Remove the change-locale link since it is now in the user basic info.

Add a specific class to format form legend text.

add three column constraint to acs_data_links

Exposed parameter inheritance for use by the interactive APM package builder.

Turned "edit content" into a button class thing.

drop acs_data_links unique constraint, use unique index instead.

make sure create statements uses bigint for facebook uids

use bigint integer of integer for facebook uids

Add language and timezone to the user-info form

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1. Disallow the addition of multiple "provides" dependencies to a package (enforce the

"one package/one service" paradigm).

2. Only allow "requires" and "extends" of installed and enabled packages - when you build a

package interactively in the APM, it installs it, and would allow you to require packages

that aren't installed, which of course would make your package fail heavily if you

mounted or otherwise tried to use it.

3. Make adding "extends" properly copy parameters of its parent package.

4. When adding a package, rebuild the cached package dependency information (added by

me in 5.5.0, I'd missed the need to rebuild the cache in the APM interactive package