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Fixed a bug in my new simplifed bio code, uncovered by automated testing

(how timely given my earlier e-mail today!)

Merged 5.5.1 to HEAD

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5.5.1 final documentation

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Changelog for 5.5.1 Final

- catch errors in "ns_conn query"

- added option "correct_when=answer_words lowercase" to form based exercises

- new includelet: random-form-page

- allow to set 'with_form_link' via @table_properties

The after upgrade callback needed a documentation block.

Bumped version number to 5.5.1b1 in preparation for release.

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Fix redirect when ForceHostP is true. Fix redirect to/from HTTP/HTTPS where full URLs are used.

- omit warnings, when an xowiki form with recent xinha is used

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Translate messages

Translate messages

Validate to avoid deleting a category when it has pages mapped

Update messages

Validate when the section has pages mapped to avoid deleting it

Add alert message when the category cannot be deleted

Update messages

Add empty file for xinha editor when using spanish locale

Use the name of the index page as a message-key

Change the titles for the portlet, use message-keys

Hide the description field in the pages form

- using for permission checking in editing the actual package type, not ::xowiki::Package (important for subpackages); many thanks to Hector Amado

Added comment to explain Dcc vs Bcc

Rolling back Victor's change. DCC is correct (BCC wouldn't work as expected).

Changed a query to use cr_revisions directly rather than as_item_choice's

select view, because (ahem) assessment doesn't actually create type metadata

for its types so the view is never created.

Removed *imsld* from dotlrn-extras. It will reappear in a future release

after problems are fixed, hopefully.

Fixing an issue for those instances that dont have a global folder.

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most likely the author meant BCC instead of DCC.