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Allowing Mohan full commit rights for now...

Fixed bug #402: Request error after entering URL

Upgrading kernel to 5.0d9. Fixing bug 555 - Removing apm_packages.enabled_p column and taking the opportunity to remove obsolete file related datamodel

fix ad_form setting for no_time_p

Bug 664. Sourcing sql files before the package is marked as installed/upgraded in the db.

put back day_of_theweek. no idea why that was removed (lars?), anyway it is needed by the calendar-portlet

Only offer invoke for callbacks that don't take any arguments

Added define_function_args: bug #55

Fixed bug #562: news admin page broken on Oracle

Don't put HTML in the security error message. There's no need.

Fixed bug #614: Perhaps we should ship with a default robots.txt?

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Fixed bug #418: Batched notifications don't work on some mail browsers

Fixed bug #615: extra unnecessary upgrade script

Fixed bug #421: Added -- in front of arg in call to util_text_to_url

Fixed context bar

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Fixed bug #629: wrong xql query name

Fixed bug #426: ad_page_contract date filter had a bug

removing debugging printout

new-portal needs to be mounted, so auto-mounting

changing to check errors in the log file before the Tcl API tests as these sometimes generate errors intentionally

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Fixing etp::get_subtopics, although it isn't used anywhere, etp::get_content_items is more genearlly useful. Closed bug#669

More fixed from HEAD

Fixed bug #460: report -code error instead of return -code error.

Fixed bug #466, plus another bug in ad_html_to_text

Added -public to procs

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Fixed bug #677: noquote label in form templates

Fixed bug #679: Show/hide unapproved users ; and cleaned up display

Fixed bug #473: Title on .LRN pages

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Adding support for enhanched text formbuilder widget and converting etp-edit

to use ad_form. Increased version number for added pl/pgsql proc with upgrade script.

changing dotlrn/install.xml to only install dotlrn applets (which cascades to exactly the packages we want for dotlrn) instead of all packages in the file system. Updating dependency info dotlrn package and applet packages info files.

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