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1. Added session-update.tcl, a small utility which somewhat safely allows

you to put up a link that changes a session_property, for instance to

change the number of items displayed or that sort of thing. The caller

must sign their values and URL, which are verified by the callee via

ad_page_contract. If the referrer doesn't match the signed expected

referrer, you get bounced. I think this is reasonably secure (though

permissions should always be rigorously checked on all pages, of course)

2. acs_events had an html_p flag in the datamodel but no way to set it.

Fixed. It should really be a mime-type but since it's not using the

CR, and since I'm extremely busy with other stuff, I didn't fix it.

3. While doing #1 above I learned that signing and verifying arrays didn't

quite work. Fixed.

4. Found and fixed a small problem with my earlier work on the currency widget.

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changed dotlrn user infrastructure

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use ad_acs_kernel_id to get package_id

send the proper date format to ad_dateentrywidget

adjusted install sequence to use ad_parameter instead of checking db directly

fixed outgoing messages to use OutgoingSender param as Sender: instead of robot@arsdigita.com

fixed version checking error

1) small fixes to the install docs

2) added the XSL stylesheet

initial import

Initial revision

fixing acs_sc_impl.delete() bug

fixed a few bugs

I completed a first cut at the currency widget support procs, left incomplete

in ACS 4.2 Classic.

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Fixed the compare routine for real this time. I'd spaced earlier and forgot

that the "sql_date" property doesn't return a formatted SQL data but rather

a "to_char" function call ...

improvements to get_parent_id

improvments to get_parent_name

Reverse a change introduced in rev 1.4 which breaks the group-new

admin page

Cast arguments to acs_sc_binding__new to make sure integer version is

selected. Add error checking to text version.

Remove the semicolon

CHanged back.

Fixed clickthrough-init.tcl

fixed aolserver tcl link

removed arsdigita-specific files

Changed ACS->OpenACS and regenerated HTML docs

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fixed ACS->OpenACS. regenerated html docs

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clean up

adding version info

still a few small fixes

passing around the referer url correctly

pending users can now be added easily by clicking on their names