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mostly fixing reference data to work with PG ...

Gilbert Wong patch #53

fixed RI problem with oracle due to text not being an allowed storage_type

fixed display of virtual urls for oracle version

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Apply SDM patch #52 plus modified #53, from Gilbert Wong.

fixed display of CR file content in oracle

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More work on acs-references and address-book.

Added this to the tree ...

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Install acs-service-contract ...

Adding it in ...

  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
Speed up sluggish acs_object_type_supertype_map view

Parameters were reversed in the call to apm_package_versions__remove_file()

Port queries

Add a couple more Oracle-alike views

Fixed typo ...

Port queries

fixed creation_user parameter

fixed query

fixed template functions

Another ACS vs. OpenACS patch from Jonathan.

Jowell's patch to fix BAF #1072 - uninstalling a package with registered

parameters failed.

Jonathan's patches to auto install...

re-enabled general comments

fixed a problem where I was sending party_from as creation_user. But some packages use party_from as addresses which are not 'users' and putting those parties in as creation_user then violates the FK requirement in acs_objects->users. So, I've made the creation_user 'null' for now

removed another vestige of acs-notification

replaced bound version_id with tcl variable

Changed owner (original owner commented out)

Cleanup (notes should be in docs)

*** empty log message ***

ported outer joins and fixed date calculations