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Merge assessment from oacs-5-4

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Package url was simply given as "http://openacs.org". Bad.

Fixed an error in my layout subsite theme.

Changed ownership of subsite related includelets, since we're a subsite

package ourselvesn now.

*** empty log message ***

- ignore errors during at_delete in destroy operations

- ignore errors during at_delete callback in destroy operations

- send content for bulk actions in lists via POST

- send bulk actions via POST

- reduce verbosity

- reduce verbosity

Minor blank page uninitialized variable problem :)

Last commit of Javier Morales work integrating imsld with assessment.

After all these years, noticed that acs-subsite was not part of the modules


New admin files to convert the current subsite to a descendent of its

current package psuedo-type.

Added layout-managed-subsite

New file for figuring out the current layout manager derived package.

Commiting docs?

Added back some UI stuff previously removed (works better with the new

"extend package" capability in ACS Core). Updated documentation.


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Initial revision

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- overwork asynchronous listener, currently set more verbose

- handle special case, were file size == 0 bytes; fcopy behaves differently in this case

Preliminary version of "extend package" code, along with new package

attributes that allow the declaration of packages that are subsites.

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Moving down the definition of 'stripped_object' after all the possible changes

that may occour to 'object'.

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- reduce verbosity

- initialize for "FormPage new" in create-new name to empty (for debug mode in xowf)

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- initialize name as empty (for debug mode in xowf)

- handle passing of wiki_p for the OacsFs plugin

- factor out listing of wiki names (used now on multiple places)

- extend OacsFS plugin to insert wiki links, if wiki_p is specified

- handle passing of wiki_p

updating ec_create_new_session_if_necessary to work more consistently when CacheProductAsFile parameter is 1 and with web standards expected return code 301 instead of 302, also removed bulky html table code that surely breaks most any html validation of ec_price_line