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Add search service contract for acs-authenticaton. TIP#125

Removed .LRN dependencies from calendar (essentially the view include

scripts only worked from within .LRN or calendar itself). Did a bunch of

clean-up of stuff being computed by portlets that are totally ignored by the

calendar include scripts. If the semantics are wanted, they should be put

into the calendar package itself. Switched a bunch of stuff to properly use

export_vars, and to generate links inline rather than subst an awkward

template. Got rid of the use of site_node_object_map in calendar, because

calendars have a perfectly usable package_id in the data model (should really

be rewritten to use package_id in the underlying acs_objects row), and the

URLs generated by site_node_object_map are just as easily generated from this

package id. Bonus: site nodes are cached, the site_node_object_map is not.

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Removed a debugging message (oops)

Add description to groups object type

TIP#126 optionally allow user to provide email, first, last name when authority does not

Add text_radio, text_checkbox, text_select form widgets to allow multple-choice other style usage

Add porlet title property to box tag.

Allow preparing single element or filter. Allow setting properties for

multiple elements (for example, hiding a list of elements.).

Fix multivar handling to acutally respect the variables you set in the

filter specification.

Preliminayr change that would allow new aggregate functions to be

defined (without changing existing behavior.) Also chaging the if

statement to check for "sum" when deciding whether or not to calculate

the sum is more clear. Add one more fix to make sure we don't try to

do math on non-numerical data.

Add code for TIP#128 Add filter_select_clause and filter_from_clause to template::list filters.

Handle grouping in CSV if data is grouped.

Add output headers so you get a reasonable filename and you can open

the results in Excel of OpenOffice.

Export element labels as CSV column headers.

Add configurable bulk action javascript function.

Update form based list filter template.

Remove version numbers from catalog files

minor fixes

fix typo

fixing unpassed vars between tcl/adp and a hanging bracket

updating query to handle more cases

updating query to handle more cases

parsing include directly, because it was not parsing the other way. Updating include template to be more forgiving

quoting tag attributes

- more detailed error reporting

- allow includelet-substitutions in template-part of a form/PageTemplate

- sanity checks for form-field based forms:

* don't mark disabled fields as required

* don't show the help-text, if you cannot input

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- includelet form-usages:

* additional option 'voting_form_anon_instances'

* add language prefix voting-forms if necessary

- new form-field parameter: show_raw_value

allow optionally to show the value of form-fields as raw values

- support for disabled composite fields

- new form-field class 'page':

similar to form_page, but is a simple selector

for arbitrary pages of arbitrary classes.

'page' supports as well a match-pattern for the page name.

- some refactoring of page and form_page to abstract_page

- new configuration option for form fields 'behavior':

one can now define the behavior of form fields via

form-constraints (e.g. some_field:page,....,behavor=SOMENAME)

where the behavior corresponds to a mixin class. This way

e.g. all renderings can be influenced on a per form-field

level. The behavior might be application specific.

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removing tabs in sql, reformatting where there were significant tab conversions

- provide view link (when in edit mode)

- provide <A ... text=''> for wiki menu to improve accessability

- text values added to message catalog

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removing tabs in sql

updated diagnostic logging for md5, reformated authorize_gateway.authorize, changed ad_parameter to newer parameter::get style

adding quotes to tag attributes

replacing dqd_md5 with tcllib's md5, since tcllib is installed by default now