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Use course_id to key course links

Fix bulk reject. Use acs_rel api instead of dotlrn api

Support no registration classes. Support section administrators

Setu application groups

Hide instructors filter on calendar page and don't let search robots search the calendar indefinitely into the past.

Add options for editing recurring events

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Attach attachment icon

Add an attachment icon

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Make number of days filter form inline

Allow passed in return_url

Support for more editing options for recurring events. Allow editing one item, future instance, or all instancs of a recurring item

Allow search for assignee on bug creation instead of making user create bug with no assignee, then edit to search

Add paramerers for related files. Add missing proc for related files. Fix indentation

CSS fixes thanks to emmar

Add new message keys for enhanced admin UI

Fix fieldsets for radio buttons

Clean up questions admin page

Remove non-informative and confusing as-actions. Improve score display. Add order by to make sure latest session is displayed correctly.

Fix double display of question text (note the real question is stored in the content, not the title, to allow longer questions. Fix score formatting for fractional scores to two decimal places.

Add support for 'other' option for multiple choice. Slightly change handling of question rendering to support this

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Fix test to be more reusable by using link url instead of link text

Add elapsed seconds column for tracking time spent

Add support for 'other' question types plus general UI improvements

Add new pretty hours minutes display for a human readable time. Add more accurate tracking of time spent completing an assessment

fix unread items

Add define function args

updating templating to tcl/adp

adding feature to display avs data for one transaction in ecommerce/www/admin/orders/one

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adding proc to expand AVS abbreviations

Add elapsed seconds to record amount of time taking assessment. Add support for choice 'other' in radio,select, or checkbox questons