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Fix typo, llength spelled incorrectly.

strip all kinds of possible new lines of the default values in case there is a mixup between dos and unix file end conventions

Fix namespace for add_body_handler

Fix stupid typo!

Greek catalogs for dotlrn

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Cleaned up complex_send, broke it down into multiple parts, refactored repetitive things into foreach loops, made sure rollout support is handled in complex_smtp, thopugh I have no idea how to do the filters there.... This is in need of testing and should only act as a commit for the OCT to decide if this is going in the right direction.

Added procedure to resolve the party_ids if they contain groups

add css class visual-clear to ensure, float boxes don't overlap

Allow disabling revoking community membership for waiting list users.

add Ext 2.0 stable to ajaxhelper

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commit famfam icons to ajaxhelper

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Move focus handling to blank master. Use add_body_handler to set

it. Pass focus up to blank master.

Remove properties not used in default master.

Remove link multirow in default master, its not used.

Add skip_link property

Remove reference to unused properties. These are generated in

blank-master now.

Remove header_stuff code, we aren't using it anyway.

Remove reference to unused stylesheet, hasn't been used since 2003.

improved formatting

improved formatting

remove url used for development

text conversion routines for ical export

- fix year/month/day in partially specified dates (form-field event)

- new protoype page 'announcement-talk.page': sample form

for providing information about talks, events are published

based on the hcalendar micro format

- new prototype page 'ical.page': export event information of

talks into a calendar using iCal format. It is now possible

subscribed to xowiki via Mozilla Calendar/Sunbird,

or Mac OS X iCal.

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Incomplete backport from my calendar extensions

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- support for compound fields in form fields

- support for compound field type event, html output as hcalendar micro format

- provide per-editor confguration, when multiple wymeditors are on one page

- allow to specify width and height for wymeditor

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Remove header stuff from core. Use template::head procedures.

Add template::head::add_style to add inline styles.

more work on composite form fields

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Fix message initialization. Was failing in case the message has no alternative and no attachament. In case the message has an alternative and no attachment, it was initialized twice.

I think I fixed the problem with multipart/mixed of e-mails with no attachments. This should be tested though. I am putting this out to see if I might have a mismatch in my train of thought.

Fixed the confusion about single_email_p in complex_send_immediately using the defaults which make most sense. Fixed documentation accordingly

Fix malformed date and encode subject (using helper procs). Set the charset for message body (utf-8)

Helper procs to encode the subject and format the date for an email message

Add build_subject proc that encodes a string to be used as subject in an email message