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Give dirk temporary power to create a new project

require acs-datetime for weblog calendar

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reflow source to fit into 80 chars.

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dont show headings for tags, if there are none

fix misleading title

some minor fixes found during regression tests

Made the name displayed in the mounting consitent with the instance name shown on the site map, as the object_name is not necessarily the instance name of the package

make code working with the forthcoming xotcl 1.5 release (a value-added method "contains" is now part of xotcl)

upped version numbers

compatibility with xotcl 1.5

fixing problem with host-node map

less tracing, fixing empty parameters

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Get the sorting right and fast for relationships

Added more information to the complaint list

Made sure the revision of the person/organization gets the package_id correctly set to contacts

Added the ability to show all offer-lists, regardless of the status of the project

Make sure that you always take the latest payment days from contacts when creating an offer

Rewrote the search so you could search for an employee with the attributes of the organization but still have the employee in a search

Added additional question when the object that is to be added in a relationship can be both a person or an organization, so we know which one to add

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No need for having the where clause

Removed the counting in the search overview as you might have searches that take ages to run and you want to be able to find and delete them

Comma seperate multiple categories

Show multiple categories

Remove unused tree_id query

Link to admin page for dotlrn-catalog categories

Allow setting notification date from notification::new and support

checking notification date when sending out notiifcations.

Update search triggers to honor publish_date.

All the triggers are testing in the one test case, so consolidate.

Adding tests for content search triggers

fix for handling anonymous viewing, policy 1 changed to allow anonymous viewing

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