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Adding support for enhanched text formbuilder widget and converting etp-edit

to use ad_form. Increased version number for added pl/pgsql proc with upgrade script.

changing dotlrn/install.xml to only install dotlrn applets (which cascades to exactly the packages we want for dotlrn) instead of all packages in the file system. Updating dependency info dotlrn package and applet packages info files.

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removing debug printouts

bugfix: ad_conn isconnected doesn't mean ad_conn user_id is defined - it's not during bootstrapping. Wrapping in catch

making sure that all packages are considered to provide the service of themselves, regardless of whether this is indicated in the xml info file or not. This is needed to reliably be able to work with package dependencies

making proc apm_bootstrap_load_libraries duplicate less of the logic in apm_load_libraries by making use of apm_get_package_files. To make this refactoring I had to move apm_backup_file_p, apm_include_file_p, and apm_ignore_file_p to 30-apm-load-procs.tcl

Fixed bug #769: tcl/rel-types-procs-postgresql.xql - missing parameter in rel_types::new.drop_type

Fixed bug #501: Spurious ref to AM/PM in time24 filter

Fixed bug #779: typo - list_of_user/list_of_users/list_of_user_ids

Fixed bug #691: Allow empty default value on template::get_attribute

Finally the REAL new ad_html_to_text proc

Missed ad_html_to_text last time

Adding Lars' fix for ad_html_to_text

Bug 806: disabling timezone setting if use is not logged in. We should set in cookie, but API doesn't currently support this

Moving the ad_page_contract_filters test cases from acs-admin/www/tests/ to automated-tests

Removed tests directory with old, now irrelevant tests

making sure only one locale per language is default

Fixed bug #821: logger doesn't install

Fix and test-case for bug #409: ad_html_to_text bombs. Turns out the bug was fixed a while ago, but there was another bug.

Display admin/devadmin links on the basis of untrusted_user_id, the pages will get validated, anyway

fix typo

Adding a new widget named party_search that searches in persons, groups and relsegs and offers to select one from the results.

Applied patch #16 for dropping forums. Not convinced it works now, and haven't tested, but I can tell for sure it didn't work before.

Corrected prev_nav_template and next_nav_template

Set no_time_p to true if start_hour is null. Automatically incr start_hour by 1 and make that end_hour

Moving the images to resources directory.

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Applied patch #123: Added dropping of these objects and permissions removal. This should be rolled into acs_object.delete, but if this makes dropping work, that's better than nothing

Flush the element cache when a curriculum is deleted from the admin UI.

Adding a listing of emoticons in the docs.

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Applied patch #135: ad_html_to_text -no_format param should ignore img