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converted more template db api queries to std db api

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converted more template db queries to std dbapi

initial revision

initial release

Initial revision

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fixed some typos

updated dependency info

[docstring project] first batch of acs-templating docs

typo fix to calendar delete from deds castillo. fixes bug #9

fix swapping elements patch from deds castillo. closes bug #3

forgot to return the url from the url proc

There was an additional 'drop function inline_0' in the drop file

chagned the package name in the dot-info file

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message deletion fixes

fixed typos in my addition of acs_sc_impl_alias package

added email editing stuff

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recruiting_email -> recruiting::email


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forums service contract for Search for postgresql

fixed css problem with netscape

added ad_html_security check to post contents

rewrote message-post with ad_form

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Added /api-doc/proc/foo shortcut to looking up documentation for a proc

Added rp_getform and rp_form_put

converted more template db api queries to std db api

Fixed some missing "'s.

Fixed some html.

Deleted header and context_bar.

Added context_bar property.

Added a forgotten " around bgcolor.

Fixed more html problems, mainly deleted <p> in illegal places.

Deleted header and context bar.

Added context_bar property.

Took out header and context_bar, added context_bar property.

Took out header and context_bar.

Still won't validate as the tcl procs output bad html.