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removed debug output for bind variables

fixed little bug in search when query was moved to xql file

fixed forums service contracts

remove unecessary file

added calendar item start date / end date sanity checking

added missing perform. fix thanks to Hamilton Chua

fix acs_event__recurrence_timespan_edit thanks to deds@infiniteinfo.com

pad a bit better

updates and adding files not in cvs

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  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
adding - fixed ie on windows centering bug

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fixes oacs bug #1644 "Alias to function person_name referred to in where clause is not recognized.

Oracle syntax is non-standard. Repeat function call in where clause." patch by Dave Bauer

converted template db api calls to std db api calls

converted template query to uplevel multirow

*** empty log message ***

*** empty log message ***

Fixed problem were content_item__get_item_id was not returning and item_id

for an item that exists. Switched to plain old select and it works fine now.

*** empty log message ***

converted template db api calls to standard api calls

Fixed invisible message bug in NN 4.7x

Modified message-post-* to do a security check on the html entered. and

changed to use ad_form.

redirects to new pages

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Added Lars' recursion counter and changed name to rp_internal_redirect

Made it so it says "You may rquest notification for this message" instead of

"You may request notification for <message title>", which was confusing.

Added brackets around forum naames as to differentiate them from posts.

stupid spacing stuff


moved validate block to correct place

fixed mistake in ad_form

changed to use ad_form and added validate with ad_html_security_check

removed parens from around select clause in for clause which barfs on pg 7.1. fix from davb