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added virtual url support for CR

mounted cr for search interface

removed DataProvider Contract Temporarily

Small fixes

Small fixes

Small fixes

Remove Ben's temporary hack - it breaks under Oracle if the new proc

doesn't take an object_type (eg. membership_rel). Shouldn't need this


Fix typo

Small fixes

Fix SDM bug #1153

*** empty log message ***

*** empty log message ***

Ummmm...ok. NOW Most Popular hosts/URLs working! *grin*

Most Popular hosts/URLs working.

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added dependency for acs-service-contract

Search functionality working.

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Javascript version working...successful w/ Opera 5 for Linux, Mozilla 0.9.1 and Galeon 0.11 on Linux. Konq isn't working yet (?? any ideas ??), and I haven't tested on WinX yet. I didn't change the actual js though (just the PG query), so hopefully it'll be ok.

modified CR to provide the FtsContentProvider interface

modified CR to provide the FtsContentProvider interface

modified search interface to use FtsEngineDriver contract for searching

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converted mail_notifications to use ad_proc instead of proc

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added service content support to convert CR into a content provider for search

Port queries

Order by tree_sortkey, remove redundant subquery. Not alphabetical,

but at least it's the same as the Oracle version.

changed db_get_info_from_db to db_get_info in cal-listview.tcl

added on delete cascade so that items still in the queue can be deleted without triggering RI constraint error

modified cal-weekview-postgresql.xql & cal-weekview.tcl

fixed bogus ns_log command in rp_report_error

Updating js tree...