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Introduce ON DELETE CASCADE on faq main datamodel tables, so generic acs_object db api can be used to e.g. delete a faq (fixes downstream errors when deleting FAQ package)

Remove extra whitespace

Whitespace changes

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Make xowf tests flexible in case a locale different than en_US is in use

name arguments consistently

Tolerate usages of get_members_not_cached in "frontend code" around by making new member_state parameter optional and therefore not breaking previous contract

Fix typo

use consistently 'ad_script_abort' after 'ns_returnfile'

schema queries: allow mixed case for column and table names (similar to function_args

bump versiom number to 5.10.0d11

Add missing 'ad_script_abort' after 'ns_returnfile'

Improve m=revisions: Don't loose templating, but treat revsions like a page

Add "View" to default menu of "This Page" (when e.g. viewing revisions,

this allows to switch back to the view of the current version)

Bump version number to 5.10.0d19.

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New utility function "Page.update_publish_status" which does

essentially, what admin/set-publish-status did before (update of

publish status and related handling of syndication)

New externally callable method "toggle-publish-status". This replaces

the call of admin/set-publish-status in the includelet child-resources

to make it easier usable from the xowiki security policies.

New flag "-nocleanup" for ::xowiki::datasource, to make it callable

inside arbitrary pages without loosing calling context.

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Deprecate duplicated api and replace its only occurence in upstream codebase

Use the database to check whether default table values looking different actually are once casted to the column datatype

handle different variants of boolean return values from the DB

Bump version number due to updated message keys

Add conveniance function lappend_property in addition to get|set property

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Add '`' to the list of sanitazable characters by 'ad_sanitize_filename'

Fix erroneus file description in page contract

Update italian localization and fix keys

Update italian localization

Update italian localization

Update italian localization

Allow Workflow Conditions to be evaluated in form fields via evaluate_form_field_condition

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allow more flexible form field conditions via new function evaluate_form_field_condition, which can be overloaded

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improve comments

add thread object name for naming mutex and make creation/destroy logging more conformant

includelete child-resources: use ad_return_url to determine return URL

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includelet unresolved-references: return "none" in case, no unresolved references are found

fix xpath expression