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change the navigation of an assessment in case that this is related to a course in the dotlrn-catalog, first if a registration assessment is created, this will be displayed and the the one related to the course

add to the main functions list that this package ensures credits = debits.

adding messages

adding messages

small formatting change

Flush out vision statement and introduction

Add more of the structure of the documents; add vision statement

adding messages

Start separating requirements from design; but still on same page

add Business_Entity as an entity in the ER diagram

img tags have attrib src or source? not source, must be src

include the picture of the data model in the index

small typo

Initial index page for docs... quite emptyish... let's see what it looks like

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Problems with missing subject_keys fixed by setting the subject key to the pretty_name


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Fixed up templates for consistency.

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changed data model picture from UML to ER diagram

added cardinality edges to diagram

fixes cosmetic problem

partial fix of bug 2388

partial fix to bug 2388

Added namespace eval to avoid start-up failure

cosmetic fix to trail-of-crumbs links

cosmetic fix to trail-of-crumbs links

fixes bug 2419

removing progress bar from here, because it is redundant, and status 6 already displayed on verfication page

fixing bug on orders that are fulfilled after being modified

partial fix of bug 2388

partial fix for bug 2388

partial fix of bug 2388