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Trivial tweak to syntax of db_available_pools proc.

Added acs/database DB API config section.

Completed db_* api multi-database support. Can now use db api for

both Oracle and PostgreSQL at the same time.

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Fixed some minor html errors

Forgot to set one kernel param in my initial version

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Hacked a simplified version of the old dotLRN install document that now

matches reality. Needs more work. Needs to be docbook. We need real

documentation. etc etc.

file dotlrn-install.html was initially added on branch dotlrn-1-0.

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documenting the new string trim behaviour of the parameter::get proc

String trimming all parameter values returned by parameter::get. Was motivated to do this after I was contacted by Gregor Obernoster who couldn't get acs_community_member_link to work because of an accidental trailing slash in the CommunityMemberURL param.

Logger package ported to PostgreSQL by Dirk Gomez. Thanks Dirk. Added missing info file

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When you change something, it resent the reminders, which is not what you normally want.

Fixed bug: Doesn't update bulk mail subject when you change the name/times

Changing the page title default to be the name of the current package rather than the system name

updated tutorial; added and updated supporting files; minor tweaks

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updated tutorial; added and updated supporting files; minor tweaks

updated tutorial

updated tutorial

tweaks and corrections to tutorial and supporting files

file package-documentation-template.xml was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

working around the broken images for non-logged in users by displaying a non-graphical ad-style header and footer for such users

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fixing two erroneous references to dotlrn/graphics/spacer.gif

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dividing the package listing on the OpenACS start page into core packages and other packages (grouping by initial_install_p). This helps navigation

adding a check to avoid Javascript error when there is no form field to focus on

a small change for the 1.0 dotlrn release - changing links in the footer of the master template from MIT links to links to dotlrn home and dotlrn project central

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Make instantiate_and_mount work with package names that start with a dash.

Adding -text switch to util_text_to_url, otherwise it fails with values that start with a dash.

adding measurment Tcl API with a simple corresponding acs-automated-testing test

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adding measurements to the datamodel. The datamodel should be complete now

clarifying for Tcl API search that the new exact search applies to the name only. Clarifying what Feeling Lucky means with the label "Only best match"

file logo-user.jpg was initially added on branch dotlrn-1-0.

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