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improve spelling

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improve wording

improve log messages

introduced "ad_file" as a means to avoid unexpected tilde substitution in file names

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improve spelling

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- textarea: added attribute "autosave"

- set autosave attributes in text_fields, when "multiple_lines" was specified.

- remove for the time being "hkey" from "non_cached_instance_var_patterns",

since this was recently fixed (TODO: check regression test and reactivate it later)

- new Externally callable method: autosave-attribute:

this is a simplified version of "save-attributes", but which does

NOT perform input validation, which might be a problem in case of partial input

- add "autosave-attribute" to all policies, where "save-attributes" was set

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improve SQL quoting

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www-make-live-revision: add support for "local_return_url" (when "return_url" is not specified)

improve spelling

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encode includelet key to achieve higher robustness and preserve url-parameter checking

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Add 'require_html_procs' to the ::xo namespace in order to be compliant with OpenACS naming standards

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fix issue #3373

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- Page.create_raw_form_field:

+ add flag to control nls_language (if not used, behave like before)

- form-usages:

+ add "-date_format" flag to control formatting of dates

+ use nls_language of embedding page for form-fields in includelet

- break overlong lines

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make_link calls: remove parameter "-with_entitites 0" since it is default

generalize alnum handling

- use is_disabled on more places instead of just checking for the instance variable

reduce verbosity

- Address issue #3374: improve "make_link", when a page is

passed in as an object, and NO "link" is provided.

Previously, the current url was used as a base_link, now "pretty_link"

of the object is used. This is particularly necessary, when folders

are used.

NOTICE: this is a potential incompatibility (found however no case in xowiki/xowf)

where the old behavior was expected.

- the argument "method" is now optional (useful, when no method should be invoked)

- improved documentation

- updates of message keys

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improve handling of disabled compound form fields

Strip of validation part before checking for the existence of query parameter

Fix typo in regexp command

improve comments, add dprecated warning

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Partly revert the last change, since variable "item_id" is hard-wired in the old-style "generate" method

remove ":instvar", improved comments

add ad_script_abort after ns_return

fix bug: never update references in the search renderer

before, it was possible that the search renderer added some

unsresolved references, although these were already fixed.

This was caused by the asynchrnous search queue, which

might have inserted such values.

The interface of Page.render was extended to be able to

specify, that the references should be always updated in the DB,

or just when unresolved references are encountered, or


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improve input validaton on query variables

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security improvements: add value constraints for query parameters

improving comments, variable names, and indentation

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deactivate parameter "template", which can be used for XSS attacks. Not sure, who needs this. many thanks to Stefan Sobernig for noting!