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change order of statements to make mixin-class on ordered composite earlier available

reduce hard-coded icons

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Prefer "... orderby ... -type ..." over mixin for sorting

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Make use of extended functionality of OrderedComposite->orderby

- Removed manual adding of mixin ::xo::OrderedComposite::IndexCompare

in "toc" includelet and in xowiki::TableWidget->create_from_form_fields

- xowiki::TableWidget->create_from_form_fields:

added type map to allow caller to specify, on which attributes e.g.

a numeric comparison should be used.

- bumped version number to 5.10.1d22

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add test cases for three different toc styles

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Beautify display of CSS tree renderer for deeper trees

- allow one to specify general UL class via "toc" includelet (was only CSS class for top-level UL)

- support passing general class for UL for tree renderer (was only CSS class for top-level UL)

- passing properties also via "add_page" to TreeNode instances

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Reduce dependencies on YUI 2

- Added native CSS classes for Tree renderer

(named "xowiki-tree" to avoid name clashes).

- Made TreeRenderer more configurable, by providing css class names etc.

- toc includelet: replaced default (when no style is provided)

from yuitree to list + xowiki-tree.

The old behavior can be achieved by {{toc -style yuitree}}

Note that not all features of the YUI tree might be available

- The CSS variant with xowiki-tree can also be used for the folder-tree,

but so far, the bootstrap3 renderer is more nice.

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Fix typo: pretty_link needs the name of the page, rather than the object itself

prefer call of "pretty_link" on package_id to avoid suprises on pages from shared locations

improve location of comment

Added archiving of items, reduced usage of images for icons

When an item is archived, it is not shown to plain users. Internally,

when an item is archived, the publish status is changed to "expired"

and removed from search/syndication. When an item is archived, it can

be brought via "toggle-publish-status" to state "production" again.

Future versions might rename the item in such conditions, but

currently, it is NOT renamed, so one cannot create one more item in

the same folder with the same name.

For realizing this functionality, the includelet "form-usages" accepts

now an additional optional value for "-buttons" named "archive". The

publish status toggle can be used now for switching from

"production"->"ready", "ready"->"production" and


Additionally, the usage of .png images as icons was reduced by CSS

elements for easier styling (e.g., for different themes) and for

reducing less server requests and better responsiveness. In particular

the images for active.png and inactive.png are not necessary any more

and were removed.

Bumped version number to 5.10.1d8 to enforce loading of the message


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white-space changes

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improve safety of SQL queries

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remove obsolete variable

Extend high-level filtering by providing "-unless" clause in form-field class "form_page"

- added "unless" clause to form-field class "test_section" to be able to filter

certain pages which should not be included

- reduced redundancy be factor out "compute_filter_clauses" method for FormPage

(used in includelet procs (class "form-usages") and form-field procs (class "form_page")

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rename newly introduced flag of form-usages from to "-allow_clipboard" to "-with_checkboxes"

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Additional flag for includelet "form-usages": -allow_clipboard true|false

This makes it possible to use the includelet also without bulk-actions

for adding/removing content to the clipboard by including the checkmarks

per table and by table row.

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more cleanup for setting of potentially unencoded return_url

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Remove hard-coded styling with the "style" element to get a more consistent appearance

(many thanks to Monika Andergassen for looking into this).

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make comments more uniform

make function "get_current_folder" more robust in case invalid data is fed in

Added support for "-orderby" to includeletes "toc" and "book"

Previously, these includelets could be only used when a page_order was given.

In some cases, the base functionality came in handy for other cases, such

as e.g. a glossary.

use colon prefix for cmd names, simplify logic slighly

Make sure package_id is set (many thanks to Günter Ernst)

made includelet "categories" folder aware (on can pass "parent" in form of a page-ref to the includelet)

refactored some of the code to increase reusability

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Minimize quoting, return content in one sweep

Fix typos

make end of resub options explicit

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improve spelling

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ensure, that the minimal set of controls is provided, also, when there are hidden form fields